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U.S. Arms M-121-308 (7.62mm) UTAW

U.S. Arms M-121-308 (7.62mm) UTAW Technologically Advanced Medium to Long Range Tactical Rifle

This firearm is currently under developments and is expected to be released mid to late 2019. The will be the third of six platform releases over a three to five year period. Check our press release page for updates on these game changing firearms.

A select fire platform is available in two versions:
1. Traditional style stock with adjustments for length of pull and cheek
2. Light weight version with fully adjustable stock.

Both models will employ technology that reduces felt recoil by means of proprietary components built into the firearms without sacrificing accuracy. This weapon is specifically designed to fill several roles in urban battle zones (Urban Warfare).New technology and configuration drives performance to new levels, making the U.S. Arms 308 UTAW a perfect choice for those environments where strategic fire, cover fire, and mid-range sniper fire are needed. Weight will be comparable to other firearms in the category.

Calibers Offered:

762 NATO | 308 Winchester | 6.5 Creedmoor