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U.S. Arms M-6 CL (Cam Lock)

U.S. Arms M-6 CL (Cam Lock)

Cutting edge multi-caliber AR-15 lower receiver employs our patent-pending camlock technology, which pulls the upper receiver securely into the lower receiver creating alignment of the central bores and provides a secure fitment that rivals bolt action receivers mounted in a stock, effectively making this firearm highly accurate.

Our M-6 series is designed to be lightweight, has superior strength and ultra-light recoil. Capable of engaging targets 600 meters and beyond.

Configuration Options:

Digital Trigger

- Semi-automatic w/ field programmable binary function

- Fully-automatic, field programmable

- Controlled rate of fire with a simple push of a button

- If trigger is not released within 5 seconds, the system resets and will not release the round

- Burst Quantity – 2-5 shot

Calibers Offered:

5.56 NATO | 300 Blackout | 450 Bushmaster | 223 Remington | 65 Grendel | 223 Wylde | 762x39