Our Mission

U.S. Arms Company

U.S. Arms Company Mission

U.S. Arms Company’s mission is to be a forward thinking firearms manufacturing company providing state of the art dependable firearms to the Military, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Civilians alike. We will continue to develop new technologies and to employ these technologies in all three markets that will provide a competitive edge to our Soldieries, Officers, and the Sportsman. We pledge to our customers to not follow trends but to be a trend setter by assessing the needs of the markets, feedback from our customers, and changing environments in which we serve.

We also pledge through extensive research and development, Testing, and employment in the field, we will determine what is reliable and what works best for you the customer, then further develop those technologies for the people whose lives depend on it. We do this in three stages and it starts with state of the software that allows us to build, assemble, function, and load test before a part is ever generated. Then a prototype is generated and extensive real world function testing is performed in the environments in which the products will serv. Finally a rigors assessment is done and any changes that may need to be done are performed and the process starts over. Only after final approval of the products function and reliability is it approved for production. What this means to our customers is a cost effective, reliable solution that you can bet your life on.

We here at U.S. Arms will always remember where we came from as great things come from humble beginnings. It is always important to keep good spirit and grow but never lose sight your roots, as that’s who you truly are and makes you what you are. As a servant to your customers, without you there could not be us. Thank you.