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Swampfox Liberator II Dot Sight



The second generation Liberator incorporates some handy new features. Shake N Wake motion sensing auto on/off, super-efficient crisp 2 MOA dot emitter; and a greatly improved battery life all combine to provide a significant performance upgrade over gen 1. It sports 2 night vision and 8 daylight bright illumination settings. While most red dots come with just one low profile mount, the Liberator II ships with both a low profile and an absolute co-witness height 1913 MIL-STD picatinny mount. This optic is small and light, but also rugged and waterproof. This little guy will handle 12 gauge shotguns and .308 rifles and keep on truckin’. As always from Swampfox, the glass inside and out has premium clarity and multiple coatings: anti-scratch, anti-glare, anti-fog and hydrophobic.


The original Liberator featured a 3,000 hour battery life rating. Thanks to 2nd generation emitter technology, Liberator II has more than 3x the battery life, clocking in at 10,000 hours of constant draw on a medium setting.

But that’s just the start for battery life, because….


Liberator II includes our proven Shake ‘N Wake motion sensing auto-on illumination technology. Any slight motion of the gun triggers instantaneous illumination- even if you are Doc Holiday this reaction is faster than you.

The Liberator II will shut off after 4 consecutive minutes of motionless activity to save battery life. A slight wiggle will turn it back on.​

Shake ‘N Wake extends real-world battery life by a tremendous margin.




Liberator II’s high efficiency emitter creates a 2 MOA point of aim that is far crisper than its predecessor. Side mounted push buttons adjust through 10 brightness levels– 2 night vision compatible, and 8 daylight visible.

The 2 MOA dot is small enough to take precision shots out to 200 yards and is compatible with flip-to-side magnifiers.


Two mounts included in the box. Shooters using AR-15s or other long guns with straight line stocks will want to use the Absolute Co-witness 1913 MIL STD Picatinny riser mount. For shooters wanting to mount on an AK, shotgun, pistol, SwampFox has got you covered with the low profile version. Most companies push you into paying $30 bucks extra to get the high-profile mount. With Swampfox, you don’t need to worry about getting the wrong mount or having to buy one separately, they’ve got you covered either way.


Like all Swampfox Optics, Liberator II is guaranteed to function for 50,000 rounds of live fire. So get it mounted up, get out there and go train- over and over again. we both got your back. ​


Liberator II includes all the standard features that made the first version so popular, but the extra bells & whistles on this model result in a big upgrade. They managed to add these new features without increasing the weight, coming in at just 3.5oz. Everything you’ve come to expect from Swampfox Optics is here:

Shockproof: 800G IPX7 Waterproof: Submergible 1 Meter for 30 Mins Fully Multicoated Glass / Anti-Fog / Hydrophobic / Anti-Scratch