U.S. Arms Company’s mission is to be a forward thinking firearms manufacturing company providing state of the art dependable firearms to the Military, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Civilians alike. We will continue to develop new technologies and to employ these technologies in all three markets that will provide a competitive edge to our Soldieries, Officers, and the Sportsman. We pledge to our customers to not follow trends but to be a trend setter by assessing the needs of the markets, feedback from our customers, and changing environments in which we serve.

U.S. Arms Company is currently working with SOCOM, NAVCOM, SEALS, and BIG ARMY. Once orders are filled, our products will be available to the commercial market.


U.S. Arms Company

U.S. Arms Company

U.S. Arms Company Headquarters
995 Greene Settlement Road
Gray, GA 31020

Customer Service
(478) 986-1092

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