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M-905 Talon Muzzle Brake



.223/5.56-6.5 Grendel




9.05 oz.

Thread Pitch

1/2 x 28


Gunmetal Black

The M-905 Talon Muzzle Brake reduces recoil to allow a smaller person to shoot with more calibers, so your target is never out of reach.

The M-905 Talon Muzzle Brake contains technology that, in the past, has only been available to special forces and is now being released to the civilian market. It was derived by a small-framed hunter who did not like heavy recoil, was subsequently forced to shoot small calibers, and often found the perfect deer to be out of range.

The M-905 Talon Muzzle Brake not only reduces recoil and allows a small framed person to hunt with larger calibers, but it also allows any shooter to stay on target in fully automatic mode. It all but eliminates recoil. The aerospace engineering inside THE BRAKE has been scaled up to a .50 caliber prototype that allowed a 32-pound child to fire a .50 BMG safely.