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U.S. Arms M-905 Talon Muzzle Brake

The M-905 Talon Muzzle Brake offers unparalleled performance, reducing up to 94% of recoil. If you are not completely satisfied with our revolutionary brake, simply send it back within 30 days for a complete-no questions asked-refund.

Money Back Guarantee


The M-905 Talon muzzle brake from US Arms Company is the premiere brake for recoil reduction. This patented brake utilizes an aerospace proven design to effectively reduce recoil 94%. This was measured by gauging the recoil in pounds of reward force between different calibers, with and without the M-905 Talon. The testing of the M-905’s design came from a multitude of ammunition across a spectrum of calibers from .223 to the .50 BMG.

After the testing data was compiled we found that the M-905 Talon all but eliminated recoil for every rifle in the test. The most impressive of the tests being on a bolt action .50 BMG with 750 grain Hornady Match ammunition.

This brake is the signature piece for the US Arms Co. line of rifles. The Talon is offered on the M4 UTAW PRO series and M4 UTAW Champion series. This brake is built to last a lifetime of shooting and has the style to match. At US Arms Co. the M-905 Talon is a brake that we stand behind is “The Brake” to beat on the market today.



.223/5.56 or .30


4" x 1.6" x .66"


9.05 oz.


Gunmetal Black

Thread Pitch

1/2 X 28 – .223/556, 5/8 X 24 – .308/6.5

Product Benefits

  • Up to 94% recoil reduction
  • Eliminates virtually all muzzle-rise
  • Ability to stay engaged to the target when fired
  • Improves accuracy
  • Follow up shot is immediate with both bolt and gas guns due to the stability of the firearm
  • Ability for the shooter to see the vapor trail through the scope (must use a high-power, top-quality optic)
  • Allows significant weight reduction in the firearm
  • Improves shooter confidence
100% Money Back Guarantee

Not Completely Satisfied?

Return It Within 30 Days & Receive Your Money Back Guaranteed – No Questions Asked!