Process of Buying A Gun Online

Many first-time and even experienced gun buyers ask about the process of buying a gun online. Is it safe? Should you buy a gun online? How do you avoid scams? What about the regulations? The number of questions that many people have about gun guying in general is usually long, but when it comes to buying a firearm online, the list grows. This post explains the process of buying a gun online and answers many of these questions.

Pros of Buying a Gun Online

Perhaps the biggest advantage of buying a gun online is that you have access to many styles of guns, including specialty firearms, and ammo, all at different price points. The bottom line is that the online gun market is vast and you have more opportunities to find what you need, save some money, and have the firearm shipped directly to your local, licensed FFL gun dealer. Of course, buying a gun online does not change state and federal laws associated with purchasing a firearm.

No Tax if Purchased Out of State

For the most part, there is still no sales tax added to firearm purchases if you buy your gun from an out-of-state licensed gun seller. Some of the bigger shops that do a lot of business may charge sales tax, so check before you buy. The rules of sales tax for out-of-state purchases changes based on how many sales a seller has and the total dollar amount of sales they have per state. For example, if the gun seller is located in Maine and they have more than 200 online sales to Texas, they may have to pay sales tax to the State of Texas. It is always a good idea to check whether sales tax is automatically applied to your total amount before purchasing.

Ease of Shopping

As mentioned, the online marketplace for firearms is vast. There are countless options for you to browse from the convenience of your home. That makes finding the right firearm for your needs easier, and you have the ability to compare prices, the selling process, and reviews of the seller. A reputable online seller will also outline what you need to legally purchase a firearm online.

Overview of Buying a Firearm Online


If you’re wondering how to buy a gun online, relax. The process is fairly easy and the safeguards in place are there to keep guns out of the hands of a small percentage of people. 

The Gun Act of 1968 helps to outline the process of buying a gun and buying a firearm online. Despite the massive amount of information available online about buying a gun, keep in mind that not all of that information is accurate. Some information regarding the online purchase of a firearm is misleading, and some are just outright wrong.

The requirements of buying a gun and having it shipped to you vary from one state to the next. You must understand what is required of you from the state in which you live. For example, if you live in California, you will need to check with the California Department of Justice as well as with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms at the federal level.

Safety Regulations around Purchasing a Firearm

In general, the process of purchasing a gun involves the sale and the transfer of the firearm. The only legal entities that can sell a firearm are those that hold a Federal Firearms License (FFL) as a gun seller, and the type of FFL that the company holds limits what type of guns and ammo they can sell. The first safety check is that the seller has a valid FFL. As the buyer, you should verify the FFL of the seller via the eZ Check system and compare the document provided with the information on eZ Check. Scammers can obtain copies of valid FFLs and then alter the document to make it appear they are legal sellers of firearms. A little research up front helps to protect you from scammers.  

The second part of the safety process involves the regulations around shipping a firearm to a buyer. Unless the buyer holds a valid FFL, the seller cannot ship the gun directly to the buyer. Most states have a waiting period before the final transfer of the firearm is permitted. In California, for example, the waiting period is 10 days. So, even if you hand a gun seller the cash on the first of July, you must wait until the 10th of July before they can give you the gun.

Another part of the safety process of transferring the gun is that if the buyer is not the holder of the FFL, the seller must ship the gun to a business that has a valid FFL. These are referred to as FFL dealers. What is an FFL dealer? It’s a business with an FFL license that allows them to buy and sell firearms under the process outlined by the federal Tobacco and Firearms Act. There is usually a small fee applied to that process and as the buyer, you must arrange the transfer with the receiving FFL dealer. You will have to make sure that you comply with all the state and federal requirements through the receiving FFL dealer before they will accept the gun for you. In the case of the waiting period, they will hold the gun until that time expires.

If you are wondering how to pick up a gun from an FFL dealer, that too is easy. You will have already gone through the steps to ensure that you qualify to own a firearm. From there, after the appropriate waiting period, the FFL dealer will contact you about picking up your firearm. In most cases, everything is already paid for and all that is left for you to do is to inspect the gun before you leave the FFL dealer’s store.

Depending on the specific requirements of each firearm seller, you will either  need to give the receiving FFL dealer  the seller’s contact information, such as FFL #, phone, fax, and address, or share the receiving FFL dealer  information with the seller so that they can verify the FFL, complete the transaction, and ship your firearm.

You will need a background check and the receiving FFL will handle that with you. Once you choose the receiving FFL, the process of buying the firearm becomes identical to the process you would undergo if you were buying the gun in person. You also do not need to apply for a concealed carry permit unless that is your plan. It is a good idea to talk with the receiving FFL before you begin the process of transfer to understand:

  • Their fees for the transfer of the gun
  • The necessary checks, such as a background check, and some states require a gun safety test
    • Age restrictions apply
  • The time period involved in the transfer
  • The receiver FFLs customer reviews or reputation

Not Everyone Can Legally Own A Gun

Certain populations of people are not allowed to own guns. Those include:

  • If you have been convicted of a felony and spend at least one year in jail, it is likely your background check will fail, and you will not be able to legally own a gun.
  • If there is an active restraining order against you, you will not legally be able to purchase a gun. The process here may change if the restraining order is removed, but that is not a guarantee.
  • If you have a conviction of domestic violence, threatening people, or violence, your background check will fail, and you will not be able to legally purchase a firearm.
  • You are not a legal resident of the USA.
  • You have court processes that are not complete but are of the nature of violence or that may result in a felony charge where you will spend one or more years in prison.
  • If you are under 18 years of age, and under 21 years of age in some instances

This is a partial list of incidents and criminal activity that will bar you from legally buying a gun in person or online. Each state may have additional restrictions, so it is important to check the laws of your state before you begin the purchasing process.

How to Buy a Firearm Online

The process of buying a gun online is fairly easy.

  • Choose Your Weapon
  • Choose an FFL Dealer
  • Gun Dealer or Manufacturer (also an FFL) Ships Weapon to FFL Dealer (Receiver)
  • Complete the Paperwork 
    • Includes federal, state, and local registration forms
    • Background check completion
    • Bring government-issued ID with picture and current address

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