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This July, the U.S. Arms Company competed at the 2022 Marine Eastern Fleet Interservice matches. Our goal as shooting enthusiasts and marksmen was to get out and test our skills against our military brothers in arms. Competing at any level is not only fun, but it is American at its roots when it comes to marksmanship. At the Interservice matches at Quantico Virginia, we competed with the AR-15 rifle from U.S. Arms Company. This competition rifle was a spinoff of our SPR but in a 20” barrel length model. Our Champion and SPR are the most accurate firearms we produce on the AR platform.

marksman competition

While shooting the Eastern Fleet, we managed to place first in a competition of over 120 servicemembers shooting there that day. We felt this was a great achievement and a testament to the accuracy of the firearms we are producing at U.S. Arms Company. Though we were able to attain a solid victory in this 600-yard match with a 223 Wylde Chamber, we still feel there is room to improve upon our rifle. It is our constant goal to continue chasing excellence in rifle design and function, and the AR platform has proven to get us very close to attaining the status of perfection in our Champion and SPR series semi-automatic rifles. This style of rifle is used throughout the gun competition realm of the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) was founded in the early 1900’s and the first official “National Rifle Matches” were fired at Camp Perry Ohio in 1903. Since that time, some of the world’s best marksmen have come out to test themselves and see if they have what it takes to be the best America has to offer. The CMP has been the standard for competitive shooting within the United States for decades. They also are the component standards for rules and regulations for the national matches. When it comes to competing in long range marksmanship, the CMP is the place to start looking.

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Competitive shooting brings a level of fun unmatched by any other time you would go out and shoot with either your friends or by yourself just gathering data. Competing really helps you hone your skills within the discipline of shooting to which you are engaged. This makes competitive shooting even that much more enjoyable as you grow. You begin to learn things such as calling for wind and adjusting your elevation, whether minute of angle (MOA) or milliradians (MILS), to hit a given target at a specific range with a specific caliber. All this knowledge is required to be successful during target practice at extended ranges. The result being a mountain of fun for the competitor and a long-lasting hobby in long range marksmanship and other shooting sports.

U.S. Arms Company seeks to perfect long-range accuracy with style and American built pride. We were approached a short time ago by the producers of Surviving Mann to showcase some of our lightweight rifles and compete with them. The show consists of multiple competitors from various backgrounds competing in rigorous physical and shooting events. The show is designed to test the competitors by pushing them to their limits and then testing them on various events. U.S. Arms Company saw this as an opportunity to bring a quality product to the show and have more eyes see the great, painstaking detail we designed and developed to achieve perfection in looks and in accuracy.

eastern fleet shooting competition
Our product line includes an AR-15 Build kit that you can fit and finish with your favorite brands to create your one of a kind build. It is guaranteed to bring you an accurate and beautiful rifle for years to come. Our lightweight rifles are more accurate and durable than any other brand on the market, and we can prove it!