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All right. What’s up? What’s up? This is Josh Kent with US Arms Company here to talk about our new bolt action line. This one falls under the Azrael model. So this one is a six and a half Creedmore chambering, and this is our PRS model. All right. This is gonna be a four 16 and sporting a four 16 r one n six and a half match grade barrel.

Alright, for this, we’ve turned a five eights, 24 thread. So if, the end user wants to put on, you know, their brake, or our brake or a suppressor, you can direct red it on there at your choosing. as we come back, this is our six lug. You guys can see the bolt. It’s a six lug bolt with a Sacco style extractor, double ejector.

Really Beefy stainless receiver Rockwell hardness of the bolt and the receivers in the low fifties, around 53 to 54 for a long. Service life. All right, so you could basically shoot this barrel out, put a new barrel on it. It can stand the family for ages, right? This is a 700 clone for the base. So for the chassis, as we move on down a little bit further, we have an MDT chassis, and this one’s sports an ARCA rail for those guys in prs that like to use an atlas bipod to move it in and out or or switch position, you know, we wanted to make sure that that was available for the prs.

And lastly, we come down to the Trigger Tech trigger and this one’s set at three and a half pounds, we like the three and a half pound mark cuz it’s crisp, no creep, no over travel. It’s gonna feel super light for you and it keeps the weapons safe and functional . Alright, last thing here.

So when you’re gonna take the bolt out, obviously the trigger’s safety to the rear is safe. To the, to the front is fire. So when you’re gonna put the bolt in on this, you just drop the bolt to the rear. All right? And your bolt release is here to my side, to my facing. And all you would have to do to remove the bolt is just depress it, extract the bolts out, down, and out, and you’re good to go.

One of the pluses to this rifle is that it is a half minute or better rifle with match ammunition and the bolt function is super smooth, super clean. If You’re running the bolt fast for rapid target engagement, you can do so even on a fired case. The bolt lift can be done with one finger if you need it.

So it’s super smooth. Even if you have those really high pressure lows that you’re wanting to run, let’s you get a little bit more velocity to reach out there. And beat the wind a little bit with your higher PC bullets. It’s gonna be no issue for this OS rail receiver on a bolt lift or extraction.

All right, so again, one thing to note, this rifle here, this one of one of two that we took out to range Day on Monday. We had nine different shooters that took this rifle right here out to a mile and got hits. We’re super proud of it. We’re bringing it to the market.

We want everybody to see it. We want you guys to get out there and shoot it. Got any questions for us about it hit us up at and we’ll reach out and get you those answers. But those of you who are looking for a super accurate bolt action rifle, we even have it in a hunting line and an LE line for the same receiver in different calibers and so forth and, and stocks.

But for this one right here under the PRS line for the os. Yeah, we’re super proud of it. We hope you guys like it. Hit like and subscribe and follow for more content. See you then.

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