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All right. , you hear the, , the commotion going on, the excitement. We are at the 2023 Shot show here in Las Vegas, bringing it to you from the official Ledcor Ledcor, the

Woohoo. And we, I see a tech over here representing 10 bull pump, baby seven plus four plus seven. That’s. Came out. Yeah. Yeah. Check that out. I seen shooting. Seen shooting.

We’re gonna go around. Let everybody introduce themselves. So many people here. Let’s do be an awesome. The best show. Oh, it’s going be the best show. Don’t get the best show. Start with Chopper. Yes, chopper outta DMV area. Again, I’m gun dv. I’m a man of the people and I’m son, sir. I love it. Jeff, Jeff Hornsby my name and I’m a Florida, south Florida cracker, alligator kitchen, alligator wrestling, swamp water drinking barnacle, scrapping bar.

Absolutely . That sums it up right there. Do you eat ’em after you, they make a delicacy or, well, before the water was polluted, they used to. They used to. Yeah. I’m Black Bull man. I’m a crazy southern bayou.

I’m Josh Kim with US Arms Company. , I’m the long range, , kind of techie for the couple. Josh bringing the long range to us. Josh, welcome. Thanks for having, thanks for having man. Thanks. We’re official lead heads. You are official lead heads now you game. I was already left. You leather. That’s right. I was already left neck, former usc.

Super. Five Baby Secretary Battalion, second Marine for the business. You know what? I get a lot of people saying I got stolen ballot, but all those people, they don’t know me. Know what I’m saying? I don’t care. Dunno. Nah, don’t worry about it. Watch the History Channel. February the second, they gonna show some  oh yeah.

Gear back in the and war and stuff. The History channel. Yeah. On the history channel. Man, bro. Can’t wait for a, on the mid season. Season’s, , 14 small people. Yeah. Are you, are you a small person? Well, yeah. Well, I’m gonna tell you what happened. Be honest with you. Did Jeff get you involved with this? No. No, no.

I didn’t even meet Jeff. I knew Jeff after that. What happened was I had a friend and he does electric. Long, short. They asked him to do what he sent to me. I did an interview. They were like, we ain’t gonna had nobody like you on the show. So, What drive? He’s like, what’s wrong with your show, brother? Hey, look, they gave me a guest appearance and , I blew it up the most African-American watching in the history, like, like two, 3 million.

I thought it was more way, man, I had like 6 million view Oh, before they called me back and you cool parts. I didn’t tell you. They called me back. They were like, Hey, we love what you’re doing. We don’t want you to hunt. I’m like, that’s what I wanted to do. They’re like, nah, we got something better for you.

We want you to shoot historical guns from the 17 hundreds. So on the show, while they hunting gators, I’m going by all kind old historical, like the, the I’m, I’m shooting. Fence and stuff with my grandpa. We hunting squirrels and stuff. It’s crazy, man. It’s crazy. So no interaction with the game? Not at all.

Not at all. Oh, but he’s, he’s, yeah. Orlando, all kind stuff. Yeah. Cool. That’s for season. What? Is that we sent, this is, or I think it was no next season to be on season two of black, no, it, it’s actually airing like today’s Thursday, right? Yeah. I’m on on the second. Two more weeks. It came out like two weeks ago.

Wow. February 2nd on tv. Yeah. If this be all before February 2nd, February 2nd History Channel, you will see black brown vote searching for a legendary antique white . Yeah. Is this, that’s beautiful, right? It is awesome. I’m about San. He, he, he’s an incredible shot. That’s what we brought here today with some long range rivals.

I watched this man hit steals at like 900. What it was 9 0 5. 9 0 5 0 5, but, but I can’t say he was that beautiful gun. Yeah. Let’s talk about this beautiful gun. You got this A booth here today. Gun horn. So, , so we brought two rifles here. One that, , black Rambo got the hit at 9 0 5. Ack oal, get on the mic.

We gotta catch the name of this. Yep. It’s the osri. So the, , so when we sat back and we looked at the product that we wanted to build, we, we took, , a little bit of mythology. The Osri, , angel Osri was the, the angel that separated the soul from the body. So when we, , yeah. You getting all philosophical.

Yeah, man. And, , so, you know, we, we, we. We’ve built every one of these, every one of these rifles up from the ground up. I need to hold that. Yep. Let me hold that UTAW, that, that one’s super light. So we’ve got, , the one that we shot here was, , one in 10, 3 0 8. Yeah. And, , so black Rumbo got on the gun and, , we, we run the first round and sure as shit, we, we dialed, we dialed the elevation, we do the spin drift.

He holds the hold. First round goes down range 9 0 5. And, , you know, that’s, that’s the other thing. You know, when you look. The way we’re building the rifles, they’re half minute guns. The one you’re holding is a generation two champion. I get it. I get that same thing. Half minute rifle. Um, so that, that’s, there’s just a bunch of rednecks.

I gotta talk about this break you got on here. Oh hundred percent. Look at this thing. Yeah. So we’re the, that one right there is the M 9 0 5 talent and it’s a 94% production and reco. So if you were to cut that thing. It looks like a bunch of turbine fans, , in, so instead of being straight, they’re kind of rounded, so the stuff builds up in the pockets.


That’s cool. H? 18 fighter. That’s cool, right? Oh, absolutely. Cool. That’s not even the cool part about going super light, right? Look at your hair. Look piece at the back. Tur this thing right here. What is, don’t. What is it? That’s the groove Look on the opposite side. What is that? That is the groove part. So you can throw that lever down.


That’s the, that’s the camlock patent. Camlock. So essentially it’s like a mechanical be job for an AR 15. Yeah. And it takes all of the torsion error out. So when you’re fired, you, you could build a, a very accurate upper receiver and still get. They’re throwing shots because of Torsions. Right. Well, that right there beds the upper to the lower, and it’s, , it’s our patented technology.


It pulls the two together and it, it, it tightens up the shock group of, of our, , of our rocket. Now is this, obviously you’re not gonna be at this to any, any ar this is just specifically for your, that is his wife. That’s correct. That’s specifically for the, , UTAW Line Rifles. However, US Arms Company sells a builders kit if you can buy the lower and it is compatible with anyone else.


Gotcha. Just to get the benefits of that nch, right? Yep. Cinch lock. Yep. Zip lock made that, yep. It’s actually 300 pounds of force that, that’s that cam in its basic form. It brings those two together. Can I pop the top? Absolutely. Oh yeah. Pop it button. Okay. Absolutely. So throw that lever in the down position.


Yep. Yep. And then you should be able to push it, push it out, and then, , disassemble. So if you look at it, that rear trion is encapsulated by that block at, at the bottom. Yeah. So it, you have a full seat on that. And so it, that’s the whole thing is pulling the tinies down into the rear. And the great thing is it’s tucked in, it’s out of the way.


It actually looks good. It’s, it’s, it’s very user friendly and it’ll fit any upper on the. Dig it. I don’t think I slammed that in there. Oh, I got the thing up. That’s what it was. Yeah. Yep. That rifle that you’re holding right there. I took a first round and hit at seven 10 at the Snipers Unknown challenge, , back in October.


Um, all, all the guys thought when I was shooting a six millimeter arc and I was like, ah, motherfucker, this is 2 23. Oh my gosh. Yeah, that’s, Yeah, I love this. So wanna talk about the other one you got there? Alright. Right. So this is, this is, this is Black Ramones rivalry here. That’s my favorite one this morning.


Lights. Yeah, that’s what I love. This one’s in, , this was in 3 0 8 Winchester. It’s a one 10 twist. It’s a sub half minute gun with match ammunition. And it, we didn’t miss anything. That looks a light too. It’s so, the chassis we’re running on it. , MDT makes this chassis for us. Um, this would be, , this is one of the lightweight chassis.


You fit a c s mag. And, um, we always, we always threaten the muzzle so in case somebody wants to run a suppressor or one of our breaks or just comes with a flash hotter, but we always like to give them that option. But yeah, everything out to 905, we were hit first round. Handle your gun. Handle this one here. So put that in perspective. Fired that gun four and a half seconds later. Yeah. So let throw this, , throw another caveat. So Monday we have rain. I’m just in awe right now. Yeah, keep going, keep going. So Monday we had range day, we had nine different shooters come out and shoot that rifle in your hands and every one of them got a hit and just shot.

That is amazing. Smooth. H? Is that smooth? It is. It’s smooth. It’s so that action, so smooth. I dunno. You can better hear. Yeah. So how do they get one of these? How do our listeners get one of these? They want one of these. So you just email us at!

Still building a couple of pages, but the Azrael is on the website and, , we have different models. So we’ve got an le, we’ve got a PRS model. And, , you got different calibers. Different calibers that Absolutely. So we, we offer, , six five crew 4, 3 0 8, um, everything on 4 78 parent case. This is amazing.

Love this. So what, how far have you taken this? Nine? I think my 20 be like 900. Five. What? Oh five. First ever shot. Yeah, we’ve gone a thousand, but nobody was running that. I was gonna say, what, what’s your, what’s your next, , target? This case Trying double you double. So 7 1715 yards Sunday. 1708. 17 0 17.

About that. Yeah. It was a, there was a French guy that came out and you. He shows up. I know you wanna talk about, you say friends, I’m done. I’m interesting. Well, you know, it, it was open. You know, we, we, we let everybody, we like to kind of show off what we have and so the guy shows up and he is like, , can I shoot the rifle?

And I was like, ? I was like, absolutely, bro. Come on man. We got you. So we, we hit a target at four. It’s like four 20. The next target was like 8 0 8. And then, , he said, he was like, is there anything else? And I was, And I was like, yeah, bro, let’s, let’s give it a shot. So I, I throw a rangefinder up there and there’s one way up the mountain, and I was like, 1708.

I hit it a second time. It was 1708. So I was like, all right, we, we got this, throw it into the ballistics calculator, which is 38 and a quarter mill, which is to, it’s kind of quantify that, that’s almost two degrees of angle for a low fire, low angle weapon. That’s, that’s big. Um, first shot on there. First shot out of the gun was a hit at 1708 and.

He gets, he looks back at me. I was like, Hey bro, we just got a hit. And he looks back at me and goes, says it seem pussy brew . And I was like, I was like, nah man, I’m serious. Like run that bolt, we’re gonna do it again. And the second round hits right off the right edge of the target and splashes and he sees it and he goes, oh my God.

And I was like, he. Hey. Yeah, dude, dude in his, oh, he like, he was like, , . He have, after nine he had to change the Yeah, we had to and everything and, , left for spin. I mean, it was, it was, it was a big call, like a guess. Yeah. So I Actual smart guest. Yeah. Yeah. And so to think about this, if we, if we quantify the wind call was three.

Mills at 1700 plus yards. The wind was kicking, the wind was kicking man. And thank, thank goodness. It was quarter value, right? Yeah. So wind being that if you quantify three and a half mills, we were putting the bullet 14 feet out to the right of the target, just so it come back. Did you have the, they, how did he aim?

Higher acidic. Yeah, so we, so we were able to dial up 20 mills on the scope and which got us most of the way. And then, and then we had a big. , in the radical to get, to get the rest of the way. What’s, what’s the optic? So that’s a swamp box. Oh, swamp box Swamp Fox too. I dunno specific. Are they gonna be sponsors of the, , swamp people now or he needs to be good with me.

Talk Swap fox. Ah, yeah. I’ll let him tell you what. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So the, um, it, it’s a, it’s a mill do radical. It’s broken up in two tents. That’s the warhawk right there. So you can, you can pop the cap. , it comes with an anti-reflective device, and that’s the, , hostile engagement balance on it. , it’s been a, it’s been a very Christmas tree, like, oh, the, , the screen on?

Yeah. I actually got one of those on my parents. Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm.  the swap Fox. Mm-hmm. . Is it this one? Same exact one, right? Exact one. Absolutely. One got What’s the magnification? It’s the low is, but it goes up to a, I didn’t see that, by the way. He didn’t drop that. He did not drop be all we, yeah, I was say it’s.

It’ll take that and more. But dude, this is awesome. I love what you guys are doing. Give your website where, , our listeners can go and check out your offerings. Absolutely. So if you guys, , everybody that’s interested, pull out www code com, check us out. , we’re always product and we are gonna be the most affordable, the most accurate, and with the shortest lead times anybody else’s.

I remember when, when was it, when you first introduced me? 20 19 29. Right. And so the muscle brakes had not gone into production yet. They were still a prototype. I remember the prototype prototype blood goes by. That’s why I was like, I remember seeing weapons. Were still all prototypes, but in, um, US Arms Company is, is a, , aerospace plant, first and foremost.

So the machining and tool. Place will blow you away. They cut metals to one 10th of a human hair. So they have the ability, we have the ability to, not just to make good guns, but make amazing guns. I had you turned up. Yeah. All right. I, you’re good. I’m just following stuff. Hit it. So it’s , we’ve come a long way since 2019.

Since you had us in here before. No, absolutely. Yeah. I mean, you guys have made leaps and bounds then. We, we have a, we have a new AR pistol. I just got mine built for me. Mine’s a one off. It’s got my custom monogram on it. The alpine dark cam. Did you go 300? , 300, yeah. , black. The blackout better. Black eye, air black out.

So I’ve got a titanium adjustable gas block where I can shoot subsonic or supersonic and dial that thing down. It’s got three 16 stainless barrel. Dude, I’m just, Pcg, I mean, hard you, it’s like, it’s like, it’s like you don’t, you don’t build a super car and then put like cheat doorknobs on it, right? No. And so you like everything about it.

The top of line. Cool stuff. Yeah. This ain’t your starter gun here. Yeah. Oh no. This is, this is for the, the guy who’s been in the guns and knows what he wants and needs. Exactly. Cause all these things are, you know, specific. That’s correct. You know, some people are happy with a card that just gets them there and back.

They don’t, there’s nothing about the performance or the experience that resonates with them. Right. But some people get behind a wheel, people a wrap and they, and they and, and they and appreciate everything about it. And that’s what these make, that’s what these guns, well, I’m gonna be honest with you. It, it can be a great start.

, yeah, we had a whole bunch of people shooting on the shit I’m talking about. We had a whole bunch of people shooting on the show. What the name of the show? , it was on Survivor Man. Survivor Land. And I trained everybody to shoot 500 yards with that gun. Me. I dope. Like dope. I sold, I mean, you kind know what you’re talking about.

They were all, most of them. Yeah. And they were killing it. They’ll kill, yeah. They, I mean, it’s a, it’s a great gun to learn on too. But I’m just saying, you know, that fir first gun and somebody just doesn’t know exactly what they Oh yeah. You don’t buy something. Cause what’s the price range want? So this one right here is around 2,800.

Yeah. Which, if you, if you look at any other line, um, on the market that’s in this, in this category around 33, 3400. Yeah. 2,800. That’s, I bet that’s just not bad. Yeah. And then something else your. Absolutely. And the other thing that we do for this line, the champion line, is that we, the, the bolt that’s in this gun, we turn the chamber to fill that bolt.

Okay. So the bolts are specific to that chamber. So getting tight space. Are you guys in retail or are you specific to your website? We are, , we are both. So there’s a lot of, , distributors within . A lot of, , , business go, Hey, we like your product. Could you ship US Summit? We’re, , more than happy to lodge, but if you came to our website and you just wanted one way for the builder, like myself, I love building my own.

You know, ar call Frankenstein talking little bit somebody. I like this. , do you sell like your, your lower, your upper, your hand? Absolutely.

You can look at, we have a builder set, which comes with the lower here in the hangover. Ok? So in the hangover, you’re gonna get the feral nut. You’re gonna get the locking pin, and you gonna get two screws to go with it. So we’re gonna get everything there. Five. , and if you order one lock preinstalled, okay, and the other one, you have ’em without the camera.

We do without. Yes sir. We have just a standard. Also get the. Yeah, get the camera. Absolutely. Extra dollar. Get that cam mark. Absolutely . That’s a big difference. Its, I like that wiggle man. Kinda wiggle. It’s like 8000th of is about average. The industry space between

makes any other gun tighter and it is usually a srae finish and that wears off. These are the tightest uppers and lowers in the. Absolutely. We can back that up. I love it. So Ramo, what we, we talked about the, the TV show you got Yes. My people coming to February, February 2nd. I’ma be Aaron. I know that’s not the only thing you got coming.

What projects can you , we are the show for exclusive. I got more ammunition line black Ram ammo. I got 9 million meters. I got some more coming out Dragon. I got Dragon bra. Oh yeah, I got some more , stuff with these networks I can’t really talk about. Okay. You know, coming up. Um, I dunno man. I’m Seal carry bags supposed to be doing something soon too.

Yeah, we’re gonna be doing a South Florida invasive species or on invasive species pythons. All the things that are destroy wildlife. Yeah, man. And , he don’t know yet, but we’re gonna be popping around to Everglades and helicopters. I’m scared doing some cool stuff. Airboats, airboats, swamp buggies. I’m doing living.

He and I are actually going deep Sea fishing in Panama will refer. I love DC Fisher. Yeah. Do you know Roberto Duran? Yeah. Boxer champions. Yeah. So we looking forward to doing that. That’s gonna be awesome. Is he in the firearms murder? No, he’s not. But he’s in the deep seat. He’s So we gonna do what he does?

Yeah. He’s, when he meets this cat, I got my old knife coming out. I got my old pistol. Oh, what kinda knife? I love talking blade. Black. Black and gold. That’s all I’m gonna tell you. Black and gold. Black and gold. Fixed plate or is a folder. Can you tell me that pocket? Okay. I gotta fold it and get in the pocket.

Now I do have, I’ve been talking to this company, company, I’m sorry, company, about a black Rambo gun designing this alligator thing. You know what I’m saying? So cool. Like a handgun. Yeah, like a 1911 with real alligator grip on. Shut off

man. Gonna be sweet man. I got, he got all kinds of, I, I, I, I like Louisiana out here. I got new strap NRA Show Alligator Louisiana. I’m a card. What you got coming up, Jim? , again, that with light Ram. Yeah. Hanging out. Yeah. You know, join Big timing over. Well that’s ain’t nothing but big time. Yeah, it’s all big time man.

Don’t chopper. Hey, what you got going on? , I’m just trying to shoot one of those company. Right. I’ve been sitting here for 30 minutes. What do I, how great they, alright someone, one in my head. Um. Also, we have a range in the DMV area that we’re building. Um, we have one in Maryland now. We just moved to Virginia.

We filled that up for the community so we can start training the community on firearm education and helping people get their permits and stuff. Um, also have a shotgun coming out, , called, , street especially. Yeah, it’s gonna have all the bells. , talking about red.

I’m street, street. Gonna have a slain bushel additional, , extra

musicians. Anybody play the guitar game, play trophy. All. So there’s this called black collar. Yeah. Alright, so the musicians that are. Guitar players, you know, guitars are spending 30,000, thousand dollars guitars. Those straps that they have, you know, they lock into placement. Those things aren’t going anywhere.

And a lot of these musicians are shooters also, and they would like to take their, , guitar straps and put it on their. As a rifle strap. So this cat, black collar arms is, is developing, adapt to where we can do that now. So that’s, you put a guitar strap, use it as your rifle strap. Lot of guitar straps have the strap.

I’m in the strap. Like skin straps. There are a far more variety of guitar strap. That next level cools. Oh yeah, man. I’m all about weather working. Yeah, that’s what I, so he made this adaptor.

So bad. I tried to, I tried to strap so bad. Smack him and his wife.

It’s alligator, but it’s got beaver alligator. I’m in. I couldn’t get it all. What you wrote too badly. Somebody told me that the, the softest fur in the world. What would you say for the animal that has the softest fur in the world? , I’d go with, with River Otter or Beaver. Okay. Want me to give you ass?

Yeah. Was say American woman

that you want. Guess I’m going with Polar bear. Polar bear say it’s in, but I like blacks and I don’t know this. Fact or not, but he said it’s the, , the Arctic snow Fox. Okay, that makes sense. Close. That’s what, , they line those professional football players, you know, those little hand warmers that they have.

Okay. Alright. This is my wife Tammy back here. She and I love furs. We, we got beat. Oh, I know. Follow. Fox give you your Instagram page and Facebook. He can marry the fox. You guys are always making pictures with your Jeff Hornsby. Give it Yeah. Jeff Hell Hornsby on Instagram. There it is, Jeff. Hell give. Give your social media where people get touch with Chopper.

Mark Chop on Instagram. , mark Chopper CB on YouTube. Mark Chop Manley on Facebook. There you go. Black Ram, I mean, everybody’s probably already follow TV on Instagram. Black Rambo TV on YouTube. Get out me, man. Soon to be on Swamp People. Oh yeah. I, I’m gonna show you the video last season. I wanna see that fact.

Let’s see if we can get it on camera without, can I say something real quick? When you, when you learn more about these guys right here, these are men of the people. And they teach about own your guns legally. Yeah. Carry your guns legally you can do that, you know, and responsibly responsible responsibility.

And, and it’s a message that that’s resonating with the, with the urban culture and everybody. Black community. Yeah. Black. What I really hate about the gun community, They act like you can’t have fun. Like I never knew you can’t have fun shooting a gun. I thought it was supposed to be fun, like you had to hide.

Couple be ashamed of like at home we shoot. When I remember shooting pd, guns hitting cans and we were like, hit the, you remember that one bird you shot and. I think I remember too. You cried too. I did. I did did. Because I never thought in a million years I would hit it. I Right. And I hit that. And you’re in shock when he laid down mine.

Mine was a black crew. Was it? But, but man, everybody is scared of energy or something that the rains like. Like you supposed to shoot and just be straight laced. Like, man, you could laugh. You got, fuck. What was you say? Yeah, everybody say, oh, black rapper, your videos unsafe. I’m in a safe environment. My fingers off the trigger.

I’m, I’m at a range. The bottom one all, you just don’t see what happens before the video. You know what I’m saying? All you see is the fun part and people go crazy, man. Don’t worry about that. And the last one, so last least the us. So if you guys hit us up on YouTube, Instagram, just look up usco like us, subscribe.

There you go. So guys, before you get, I got some questions for you. These are fun questions. They’re meant to be fun. First thing comes to mind, let’s go. Let’s go, let’s go. Boom, boom. Alright. All right. So what was the first handgun that you owned? High Point 38. Special. The 38 special. High point. 1911. Yeah.

And do you still have em? The police of mine? Yes. I’m. Stole mine from my uncle when I was 14 years old, decide I I had to give up 3 57, , about three years ago, make up for it. I said, uncle, I’m the one who stole your gun, but hey, I’m a gun enthusiast now and I got plenty gun. I can make up for it. It’s a true story.

True story. That’s great. I ain’t never gonna get mine. You can spend the day at the range with. Person or group of people, whether they’re still alive, dead, or fictional, who would it be? He could be multiple rainbow. I’m all the people in the world.

Jim? Josh. Josh.

Okay. Any anyone in particular? Got some friends? Yeah, I got some friends I enjoy shooting with. Talk about old time, you know.

I like that. I got one, I got, I got, I say, okay, I’m gonna tell you the truth. I really wanna shoot. Now it could be fictional too. I’m real be dead. I shoot, I’m to give two. I really wanna shoot the car. Some reason. Oh, okay. I shoot card so, so bad. She, she’s the only one showed me love about all the influences, I mean, all the famous people.

I did a gun wrap with all my guns and I did gun wraps to everybody else. She’s the only one we supposed twice attacked card beef. And then I want to shoot if I could bring people back, some of my dead family members, you know what I’m saying? Family, my grandma, everybody. We just sitting at the range one, they eat some barbecue.

You know? How about having them with Cardi Beef? That’s even, you know what I’m saying? With some chickens, some trite, dumb, you know what I’m saying? Respect the trough . Yeah. Look, lie you look dumbo. You very, really good. I love it. That sound like a great day right there. So, I’m trying to think of Elmer Foot.

Elmer. I’m a fu That’s what they call, that is the first time anybody has said Elmer Fu. These tactical guys. I’m, I’m a fued hard, like I, I like bolt, you know, rapid guns hunting rifles. Now, you know, FU can’t shoot you and FUD would get along good. You know, al FUD can’t shoot, right? He done missed a rabbit so many times, man.

You sure you won’t go shoot.

Y’all ain’t gonna be hitting. You better bring that arms. Make sure you bring that last question. For 2023, if you could get rid of anything, just make it disappear, completely. Be gone, never come back, what would it be? Well, I would get rid of the hate. I’m, I’m a positive person. Love everybody man. I don’t want nobody want everybody.

That’s what good man love. I’ll give you all the heat taxes.

I shoulda said, doubt one Lord. , doubt, doubt. Any doubt I had in myself or have in myself. Cause every time I’m confident and I, and, and I, and I go for it, I always end up winning. So I just gotta remember to keep that doubt out. Keep it out of the, I’m still still on. That’s worth the inspiration. You promise?

I promise. Underwear. Today my answer is The sore feet. The sore feet. , but, but tomorrow I’ll change the mind. Something. Something. We home. We get rid of that sore. Bring the misses up. I wanna hear.

I don’t have, oh, you get rid of something. You could, you want to just. Disappear. Do away with, never see again or have to deal with again. Fake people. Fake people. I like love authenticity, cameraman. Come over here. What do you wanna get? What do you wanna get rid of? Well, I want to get rid of, talk loud in the mic.

Let’s see. Let’s see. Think say it right. Put on the spot. Come on, man. We’ll come back to you. Other camera here? Yeah. , one thing I can get rid of. Gas prices. Louisiana, man. Got one now. Get rid of waste of time. Constantly progressing forward working on your craft and getting better. I These are county young filmmakers here, by the way.

Oh, I can tell. These are part, these are part of our. You very not. Oh, is this the, , the film last year? I give you a good part. Show him that hundred yard shot, boy. Oh yeah. Lemme show you my sniper shot. I’m dead on the camera. I was rude and I was on my, my couch. What camera man bra. You better hit this shot.

You ever saw a hundred yards on the gate? Watch you ever shot a gate in the water. The moving. I’ve never shot a Gator Tao.

That thing was a hundred yards away. You gotta hurry up and catch ’em because they only got one breath left. They eat, it won’t. Yeah, no. They got one breath left and they go, they drop to the bottom. Oh, okay. And they got a current underneath how much he weigh. Oh, that suck Was like 12 foot. Man. That’s, watch how hard for me getting him in the boat.

They make you do it by yourself. No, Don helped me.  brother. Look at that shot right there. Like that right there. Look. I’m like, oh my. That camera was back there pushing, didn’t you? Oh yeah, . Oh, but you wanna see the crazy? I gotta show the crazy. It’s the real deal. No, I gotta show you the crazy. I gotta show.

Oh, see it? That was the last, I gotta show the crazy one before you out. Okay. Swap people. Been over for 15 years, right? And that was the first one this happened. Alright, look at that. I’m walking up to the gate. Oh, there’s no fake, no nothing. This happened on his own. Think about all these seasons. This has never happened.

And I’m like, what the hell? Look, I gotta see my feet. Look at that. It got in the. That wasn’t set up. That wasn’t nothing that literally happened. I didn’t know. You know what? Cuz he follows you on Instagram.  Ram got outta the boat. The gator got into me. The dude said what you doing this up? Going around to shoot the G

I didn’t know what to do. Watch my face. Oh my God. Watch the shot. Oh this. Look at you. I’m scared. It’s real light. You take one wrong shot. Watch. What I said. Damn, the safety old . Look at that boom. Right in the face.

I’m talking shit.

I said I’m awesome. Yeah, man, that’s what we gotta look forward to right now. Marty. It’s been, , thank you for having us. I appreciate, appreciate all you got man. Josh Black Ram. I mean, Jeff, you not been friends now, chopper? Yeah. Friends meet you, brother. Thank you for having me, man. Absolutely. This has been, this has been great.

You guys are welcome back anytime. What to have you on. You got new stuff, new projects. Talk about, you’re always welcome here

playing. Yeah. Guess what? Guess what? My.

For having us. God bless y’all. Coming from 20 here from the.

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