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I’m here with my man, Black Rambo. What’s up man? How y’all doing? So, you know, you and I are lucky. We get the best job. We just get to represent and play with the coolest stuff. Coolest stuff like, like nothing but top tier. The Call of Duty stuff. The Call of Duty stuff. That’s exactly right.

Mm-hmm. and U.S. Arms Company, they’re a relatively a new weapons maker. Mm-hmm. . But we have set out to change the norm in the AR-15 market in America. Right. You know, an AR-15 is a gun built for combat shooting, like basically accuracy wasn’t really its intention to shoot tight groups and what have you.

Mm-hmm. So, we’ve found a way around this. We’re an aerospace manufacturing facility. When you’re in aerospace, you get to cut metals to one-tenth of a human hair. You’ve got the tightest tolerances, you’ve got precision cutting, which gives us a technical, that’s what you’re saying. That’s where this guy, that’s where these guns are made and they’re made in a plant that has, has the machining, the tooling, the capabilities that no other manufacturers really can touch that. What make it so different though? I don’t understand. You know what I’m saying? I know AR they built, so we built these guns based on three things. What’s that? Lightweight, right? Durable. It feels durable. Accurate. So what makes it so accurate if you just told me?

Okay, so yeah, so AR-15 platforms, like I say, are you take one off the shelf of any manufacturer. It’s typically a three minute gun, right at a hundred yards, right? These guns that we’re making are sub-one. How in the world you make himself one name. Okay, so that’s weird. Hold on, hold on, hold. We have, we have, we have a 100% legitimate reason why we can say that we have the tightest uppers and lowers of any gun mate in the world.

What is that? This little lever you see right here. See that little silver lever? Yeah. Okay. Can push that in a down position. That’s your normal AR right there. It’s gonna have a little bit of play. I got a little playing, little bit of playing. Every gun has has about about an 8000th of an inch between, between any gun.

Yeah. And that’s typical because you got two halves of a gun that you’re trying to bring together. Mm-hmm. , you flip that lever in the upright position right there, it doesn’t take much force. Right. That’s it right there. 300 pounds of force gone have been drawn those two pieces under 300 pounds. So what you’re doing is you’re simply unify.

This, these two pieces together into one solid, almost like it welding them together. So it’s like a bolt action rifle. Mm-hmm. . It’s like you’re doing a betting job on a bolt action rifle that just makes it as solid as it can be, which translates. But first off, not only the benefits of no moving parts.

Mm-hmm. , which where your gun over time when things are clanking, clank, clank, all that stuff, you know this, there’s zero movement of any parts in this gun. That’s one advantage, but, It’s downrange accuracy is what it interprets. So that’s what it’s really about. That’s what it’s about. That’s what these guns right here have been dialed in to.

Shoot six inch steels at 600 yards, six inches, six. Now, now, if you got nine inches from ear to ear, you talking about, uh, shooting your enemy in the face, 600 yards across six football fields, that’s serious. Consistently in three shot groups, AR fifteens aren’t known to be able to do that. Thank you. So when you, when you have changed the dynamics in a way this.

stays together. And the way that it, that, that, that it shoots like a bolt gun. Mm-hmm. , you’ve got something that’s never been done before. I see that. Cause I never seen one of these on a gun before, honestly. Yeah. That is patented. That’s person nobody has. That’s the first time I ever seen that. You know, everybody wants it.

Right. I betcha they do it. Everybody. Yeah. They know what they’ll do, but they can’t have that. Cause that’s our, that’s U Us Arms company. That’s. and uh, just, and it’s really, it’s a cam lock in its simplest form. Yeah, it really is. You know, they try wedges and pins and screws and all that stuff takes time to take apart before you, you just put that in the, in, in the downright position and your, and your take down pen pops right.

Comes right out. So you can’t take it down when it’s up, when, when it’s up you cannot because it’s, there’s too much. I mean, it’s 300 pounds of force. Yes. Well, when it’s down, but that’s what makes that gun, you know. Let’s see Y’all lightweight. Let’s see y’all. Let’s see if I can get my finger in there.

There you go. Right. Bingo. Lemme see. He said it. There’s no, there’s no tricky, uh, all right, there’s up y’all screws and things. Let’s see. Now, now you’re essentially, yeah, you are holding the tightest, upper and lower built on any gun in the world today. And if y’all need to see, we’re not clear. We’re not just saying that it’s clear.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’re not, we’re not just throwing that out there. We can say that. Please, sir. I see that I can’t look, I’m trying to push it out. It’s not bragging if you can back it up, right? Yeah. If y’all wanna see, look, I’m pushing and there’s no moving. Yeah. I can’t get it out y’all. So now watch this.

So we, we also, every component, when you want to put a gun together, you want the best that money can buy that. That’s a little dope. I like that the best That money can buy a for everybody, but it’s for those of us like the best that money can buy. But, but I heard this thing. The best parts is the best parts.

You gotman trigger. You got four 16 stainless barrels. Elfman trigger, El Ventry got triggers. I never, I never had a clip like this before with that big bump bump in it. What is that? Yeah, it just feels good. Yeah, it feels good. And I like that little storage down here too. Yep. Got storage there in the bus stop.

Yeah, I like that. I like that man. So these guns are tricked man. These are, um, what we feel are the finest AR platform. Oh, look at that. Gas operator, top of the line. Everything man. So our pro shooter at US Arms Company took first place at Quantico. Mm-hmm. against the Army. The. Air force, everything, everybody.

First place with this gun right here, because it’s, it’s, uh, it’s just we would live and breathe accuracy. Mm-hmm. and that’s something that has never been able to be applied to the ar gas operated platform. Yeah. With, with any consistency. Okay. So, um, well, I tell you what, brother, but you gonna join, I wanna see how accurate it is.

Y’all, you fix too. We done talked enough. Yeah. I gotta see where this thing working with I’m, I’m intrigued. I’m very intrigued. Okay. We’re good. You can put a drum on that. It’s 1550, round hundred. 5,050 rounds down range. 50 a circle. Oh, don’t get me excited. Don’t get me exact. You can put every shot in center mass.

You know anything about this optic? Yeah. Swamp Foxs Swamp Fox Optics Swamp is, uh, we’re really proud to have paired up our guns with, uh, these new optics here. Um, they’ve got all the best tactical features to em. Yeah. Look, they got a hell of a Zoom one y’all need. Yeah, you’d need to look, look those guys up.

Swamp Fox. Check them out. See all the details on it. Yeah. But I think it’s a good. I, I looked down the scope man. It got hell of a zoom. But all this, this, this is all, these are all billet sets too. You know, you can, a lot of guns are stamped metals and you know, they cheaply made everything. Mm-hmm. , our CNC machining.

Nah, this ain’t cheaply made. I can, yeah. You got, I can tell, you know, quality. Yeah. You, you wanna grab it? Tell can hold it when you pick it up, you know what quality feels like. Tell I love the bus stock and everything, man. Well, US Arms company’s happy to have. It’s part of my family. I’m happy to have y’all have me man me, because, because you shooting some trick shit right there.

Oh man. I’m ready, man. I’m very excited, man. Yeah, we’re good. I’m very excited. Well, look man, let’s get to the range. Yeah, let’s get to the range. Let’s go shoot that thing.

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