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Hey guys, Josh Kent with us arms company here today to go over the UTAW rifle and the UTAW series weapon systems from us arms company. Today, we wanna show you the speed and versatility of, of our weapon system. And again, kind of show you the accuracy of what you can expect from a us arms rifle.

So again, if you’re IPSC, IDPA, law enforcement, military we want to kind of show you what they’re capable. Super light, super versatile. And again, thank you for tuning back in with us. And we look forward to showing you what it’s got. See you soon.

Single shot 30 yards on a low percentage target again, just running a red dot sight the accuracy of the weapon system, again, speaks for itself and the maneuverability and versatility of the weapon system. Again, for any law enforcement military unit, it’s gonna be your go-to platform. Thanks.

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