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Good morning everyone. Joshua Kent here with US Arms Company. We’re here for Shot Show, out here on the range Las Vegas, Nevada Shot Show 2022 here, marketing our products, the M4 UTAW  Weapon Systems that we offer. Looking forward to a great turnout here for shot show to market. The product.


Here with me today is the founder of US Arms Company, Eric McMillan. I’m gonna let you introduce yourself real quick. I’m Eric McMillan with US Arms Company. Like Joshua said, we’re here in Las Vegas, Nevada Shot Show 2022. Looking forward to a great day with some great people, some great weapons, and some great companies here.


First round hits on the UTAW were out to 854 yards. We’re pretty impressed with our product and its performance and so we’re just looking forward to guys coming out here, shooting our product, testing it, giving us your feedback, and we just look forward to seeing everyone here at Shot show 2022.


My goodness. That was a good hit.

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