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We haven’t shot this match before and we’re pretty excited. I mean, just the ability to go out and compete is, is gonna be fun, but, you know, see how the match is shot. Push ourselves, learn something, get, get a little better at long-range marksmanship. Hopefully put up some good numbers to where we can kind of show the market what the company is capable of producing as far as firearms accuracy.

And we know that our weapon systems are more accurate than we are, and hopefully we do it a little bit of justice with some pretty good ranking in this competition. So there’s a, there’s a little bit of butterflies kind of cuz we want to do good. Everybody wants to compete and do well, you know, but , super excited to, to get out there and compete and, learn a little bit more.

Push the weapon systems hopeful. Ask what, we’ve been able to do in previous months and years. And hopefully everything comes out on top and we do good.

Hey, good morning guys. Josh Kent with U.S. Arms Company here at the Sniper’s Unknown Challenge for 2022 here in what is this Clinton down in South Carolina. Super excited about it. We’re here to put the guns the Azrael Bolt action and the Gen two Champion. To the test, kind of see how they do against the competitors.

Again, we know those guns shoot better than us, so it’s up to myself and JoJo here to kind of, kind of make the magic happen. But, we’re also joined by Lovely Miss Amy. Hey, how, how you feeling this morning? Good, good vibes. I am stoked. I saw a little bit of what’s gonna happen today, yesterday, and it’s, it’s gonna be unbelievable and these guys are gonna, Or else?

Or else? Just tea. Yeah, you know, thousand. Your pocket backpacking case. They want you to have it, but we to do that in surviving you with a couple of those rifles. What kind of pocket you talking about? Boy? Yeah, talking about that back pocket. What’s up? Alright, let’s see here. One of y’alls going by came.

When in Rome. That is the best looking square I’ve ever seen. That one right there. Is that the one you did? No, Josh, can’t joke. didn’t know we were going for precision. Hey, look man. Ow. Just kidding. There’s no such thing as mistakes. Just happy. Happy Trees . What we are, just to be clear, is this, you good with this?

Yeah. Solid Good work Joe.

And then go with that. You mind if I hop in right here? Yeah, go. Good. I was wanting to shoot my six, but the last match I just started blowing bullet stuff like crazy too fast. Hot. So you just mark ’em now these are silver. Yeah. So it’s kinda so, so that is too, but, but you see what I’m saying? And like, if you ever remove this, you just, yeah.

So we’re gonna take a, a notch. And right there. So if we had to pull it off and put it back on, that’s where it should go. Huh? That way you can buy eye, look at it, and know if it’s loosened up. It’s just an eyeball check.

Got it.

What would you do? Find some way to get around. That’s a distinguisher mark. That’s a distinguisher. Smaller targets in size too. Yes. Yes.

Cool. Let’s go. That, that berm? Yes. IPSec Target. Center of the berm. The head shoulders? Yep. That’s eight. Oh. So the SIC target hanging in the middle of that right berm, right?

Right of that square target. What do you see? I see on number five, on number six. Okay. From the number six traverse right to the next berm at a greater distance, small circle. All right. Go to the bigger one, big circle, that’s your target. Redick left 0.4.

Check. Can’t check. Plac Core to the Target. Right here, center. It’s not the right hand.

Zero spin check. Can’t check. Pax. Ready Center.

Alright, 6.7, left 0.2 for. Ready center.


it. Right edge. Okay. It just shifted. I got flags on left. Flags on right. Halfway down. It’s going right? Yep. I’m gonna hold two mills. Yeah. 5.3

plane communists. That’s pretty cool. He said, he said if you shoot one communist, they’ll take cover. It’s all reactive.

shot spine all the way down or anything left or right. Non-violence. But we can break it up in groups as well. I can tell You favorite what group you’re. Yep. Mm-hmm. play that one too. I can make it to where, you know, if you hit a non-vital, he’ll laugh at. Right. Or if you hit a vinyl. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Or if you hit a vinyl hit, what do is?

I can give you a round of applause as well. Yeah. Just a mess with some guys. Hey, remember, remember the old Oreo old? He, he, he’s with that switch. No, no. He’s, he’s a.

You know…

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