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You’re not gonna get lost, okay? You might be lost as you keep pushing down the Katy Range. Mountain yard range. That’s gonna be stage three. Alright? Right? You keep pushing down beyond that, go, come across stage four, stage five, and stay sick. Us stage six. All right? We get to the end the road, and once you’re done for the day, just take it back and come back here.

Okay? Remember we talked about last. Try to carpool. Okay. Cuz as you see these roads around here are rear gar. All right guys. Good morning. Good morning. This is Josh, Ken with US Arms Company, getting ready for the Sniper’s Unknown Challenge, kind of prepping our magazines, kinda getting our load out ready to go for, we’ve got six stages today, so it’s gonna be, I think it’s gonna be a really good time.

Pretty challenging. Yeah, we’ll go for. To the testing, see how it goes.

Going Pull Regalian today. , yeah. To say the least. Dude, if they did this like next year at the same time, they should do a Halloween. You have to, you have to wear a costume. Yeah, you gotta wear a costume. That’s right. And you can’t, I’m coming as Deadpool . This goes in there.

Here. And Joe Hicks. And Joe Hicks. How size Mark Williams Are you using it? Nathan? Time Gling two one.

Hold over Point. All right. Off off. Left edge. Yeah. Center. Gimme center

over the head. Decrease hold 0.2.

Last target 5 25 20.

Your job. Your job, your job backpack.

Cool. Hell yeah.

Okay. Yeah. Is that one us? No. You’re . We’re number two. Yeah. Job.

You went over the ship

shots. Your sniper element will confirm or deny the presence of an enemy sniper element and destroy utilizing precision. Good. Alright. Take the right, I’ll take a left. Yep.

So when we’re, when we’re doing this, everyone has to stay behind the rear of the car. And this tree right here, a rifle, and I engage, I, I hit it once and I shoot my next three rounds and totally whiff. That’s an automatic 32nd penalty. Then my partner shoots and we gonna wrist and repeat. So we get the third tone, third cone, whoever the last person, conscious that line.

Then shoot a one. You can go ahead and draw without me have, give you any commands and engage in your target. Honorable so. Yeah.

Left side of the range, left side of the range, 200 yard mark, fallen trees.

So I want you to go zero for when. Alright. And then hold front number. Yeah, dial up 0.6. And then hold under for my close stuff. What, and when I say hold under bro, like we’re talking just a couple.

Fucking, it’s actually fucking slate.

You going for the one on the right.

Scoring. It is gonna be up to a hundred points. That’s total time plus penalties. Penalties that’ll be used is , plus 30 seconds with failure to hit your target speeds. Insert racket, both of you, ready to go. Hundred left. Total circle right there. All our targets are great. Okay. Engage targets. You can use any position right here, by the way.

2, 3, 4, 5, and six. The order is, Good. Drop down to the pro, not the order or

shooters. Shooters ready? Yep. Stand by.

Come on, take your time.


Pick up the position. Low, low, low center school center. Settle down.

You just right.

Take your time. Smooth, smooth, smooth.

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