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As a side note, one of these is waiting for me back home. Just got delivered to my ffl yesterday and I can’t wait

here too. Fire . Shit. Fire. I think all thing, we all think, dude, this thing is cool as Cuco. Yeah. I think we can all agree that the, the 3 0 8 was a nice idea. Next time we’re going to bring the six five, come back in full regalia. , I don’t see the pants or something. Mm-hmm. . But you see I laid up in it.


11 o’clock.

I was wondering.

Right. Point one, go back to center. Good. Hit.

I think today’s.

Hey, chop out over you. Yep.

I see one moving way out. Yep. Thanks brother. Fast approve. Alrighty, enhance. So where are we? Just hold above average. Very much above average. Wow. Take it. I haven’t heard of that before. No, I didn’t. Well, you know, four inches is big. Super.

Fuck you bitch.

Need somebody to walk him on.

One. Target. One. Yep. You’re going good, brother.


One. One. Come on. Come on. Come one minute.

One. One. One,

two. One. Three. One. Four. Four, four. 1, 5 30 seconds.

Come on, three 10 seconds. One.

Did I make it? Yes. Yeah, dude. Fuck yeah. Fuck up. Fuck that . Ah, damn it. Hey. Wanna win, put booby in. That’s what I’m talking about. You win. Put booby in. You want your bras? Go ahead ma’am. Do you want No ma’am. All here’s that man. Thank you. Here’s that round. Yeah, he literally went to extract and then it just, Shit.

I was like, Ooh, come. We just did we Holy fuck. Yeah. And don’t worry, we’re giving you like those three seconds back. Cause he would’ve, he was spot on. He’s spot on. Three seconds Cas. Yeah, I did. I let him shoot and hit before I hit the starter. Yeah. Okay. I’m trying to find the dude. I did that in under a minute.

I did not . You were you, didn’t you? You were there and then that seconds, that bitch back there, because I was like my mag thing. I was like, I’m 77. I mean, not great, but we finished. Holy fuck. Good job. That was good. That was good. Hey, who’s Hey, grab the bags.

Hey, listen, we came to win. We did pretty good. Sound, pretty excited about it. , we had a lot of fun. half the time. I don’t know what the hell is going on around here. . Shit. Fire. Shit. Fire. Next time we’re coming back in full regalia.


So, where do we go?

It allows this to release. It’s already a tight fit, so you’re probably gonna take something like a, like a great flag. It kills all the play. Exactly. And it , oh, he took the bolt. I did the same thing. So, when you, when you drop this, you can, you can take it down. Okay. So, , this right here is the M905 Brake

mm-hmm. It’s 94% production in recoil. You can literally shoot this thing and watch your own trace. So if you have any issues at all, man, give us a call. Will do? We’ll make, I was telling, fill a thing and just see if you can move it. So that’s our cam lock. It pulls the upper and lower down into the rear, so it bites it together.

So in order to break it down, just drop the rear right here. Push that cam, lever down. You can push that out and break it down,

and you can get in. Okay. You have any questions for us on Yes, sir. Get us up before we All right guys. So we’re giving the wrap up here for the Sniper’s Unknown Challenge. We’re finishing up today on the, what’s today? 23rd. Sunday. Sunday. Sunday. Yeah, Sunday the 23rd. So it’s been a great match.

It’s been pretty difficult. We got pushed. The weapons systems, the Gen two and the Azrael performed as we expected them to. They shot great. They shoot better than us, which is a plus. We just got finished with the last challenge for the day, which was stage 10. It’s a rapid fire event out to about 300.

We were able to clean that stage and, and I think we cleaned the previous two. Yes. Yeah, today was a good, so we cleaned, today was a great day. Yesterday was a kind of difficult, so we’re, we’re super pumped about it. The weapons shot. Great. My partner. Yeah, he did really good on the, on the gun, on the Osri. what do you think, I think you guys boomed house today, so Yeah. The stand go. Yeah. I appreciate it. Jojo, what do you think of o awesome weapon system? Smooth bariatric, it was, you could wield it around get a lot of running to, to certain situations. Being maneuverable and still hold tight groups is amazing.

Yep. Yeah. So the gen two performed flawlessly. I had several other teams ask to shoot it. They were like, Hey, you know we can wrap it up and shoot it in this event? And, you know, I. Kind of went forward. It’s like, yeah, absolutely you can take it. And then they’re like, oh, no, no, nah, we shouldn’t

So that was, that was kind of big kudos weapon system in itself. Kind showing, showing out here at the competition. So, you know, now it’s just waiting for the standings. We’ve had a great time, man. Met, met a lot of good people here, so, yes. Hey, you know, we’ll, we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for tuning in.

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