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All right. What’s up guys? Josh Kent with US Arms Company here to talk about one more line of our rifles the UTAW Generation Two Champion Rifle. Some of the perks to this rifle, one of them is going to be, this thing is a half minute gun with match grade ammunition sports of four 16 R stainless match grade barrel.

One of the perks to this rifle is that we do not go off of a minimum maximum for the chamber. This chamber for every generation two champion that you get is specifically turned for that bolt that is in that gun. So you have a custom head space that is built into this rifle on a production level.

So the accuracy on this rifle is, is as high as we can get it. And you know, honestly for it being our top of the line AR-15 it should be. At the front of the gun here we have the M-905 TALON muzzle brake. That is a 94% reduction in recoil. We took one of these in a 20 inch out to the Sniper’s Unknown challenge, and at seven 10 I was able to not only see my own trails, but the actual splash onto the target.

And so that ability to be able to spot your target, if that’s something you’re looking for, quick follow up shots. The M-905 Talon Muzzle Brake is unbeatable on the market,. So as we come back down through here, the hand guard is 60 61 aluminum. The upper and low receiver are 70 75 T six aircraft grade aluminum. We have a a two-stage trigger tech trigger that is set at three and a half pounds.

The Gen two champion, also sports, a ambidextrous safety, and our patented cam lock. So for those of you who haven’t seen cam-lock yet, in the short and sweet of it, it is a mechanical bedding job for an AR-15 rifle with the Camlock system here. It beds the upper and lower receiver all the way through the flat and here at the rear of the receiver, it locks those, it locks and binds those together by pulling the upper down into the rear. And so therefore the torsion that you would’ve gotten or play between the upper and lower that could have displaced a round out to the left or right. You’re not getting that anymore with cam lock.

All right. As we move further back, we have a Magpul adjustable six positioned stock. It comes with flip up steel Magpul sites with a match, front site post, and a Radian charging handle. Guys, this is the best thing we could produce in an AR rifle. It’s gonna shoot lights out. We are super proud of it.

We’ve hit targets with this particular rifle here, past 1200 yards. But when I say targets, I’m talking about a nipsy. It’s not a 36 by 36 plate, and we’re getting repeated hits at 1200 yards with a 77 grain, Sierra. We’re super proud of it. And guys, if you don’t believe us, try one out again. We appreciate.

Staying tuned with us on this channel. We’re here at Shot Show 2023. We’re having a great time. We’ve met a bunch of people. Please like and share, subscribe, and we’ll see you again. Thanks.

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