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Hi, I’m Eric McMillan with US Arms Company. We’re here today shot show 2022 and getting some traction, and I’m very excited to be here today. Have some great products available. We went to the range yesterday, we were shooting nearly a thousand yards at 978 yds repeatedly with one of our guns just straight off the shelf kind of blast.

We’re a gun company that builds guns and what a better job than the briefcase being a gun case.

Hey guys. Josh Kent with US Arms Co. Here. Shot Show 2022. Super excited everybody coming out, taking a look at our products. We’re super pumped about delivering the new pistol line product. Our Champion series rifle, the UTAW  Rifle entry level rifle from US Arms Co. The brake. We’re  super pumped about everybody being here and we look forward to everyone coming out to the booth.

Pulls everything together.

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