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That’s that Elftmann trigger Baby! Gun Camp, ya boy Twista right here. Woo. Trigger’s one of the smoothest.

Shot show 2022. Your boy Twista, the Gun Camp is in the building. I’m here with my man Art. We are here at Elftmann Tactical. It’s some new products here. I need my man Art to tell me what’s going on. Can you show me what we got new man? Yeah. I don’t know if you guys know if these are all roller bearing triggers that are inside.

You guys wanna see? I’ll show. You’ll see. And these are the threaded bushings right here. So these are kinds that we got, and then that’s the adjustment knob. And what’s cool about that is even if the knob came out, it’s still the shoot at two and three quarter pound. If it’s in all the way, it’ll shoot a five pound. So it’s kind of a bulletproof trigger concept and the trigger breaks down really easy to clean it.

I really like this feature here, man, here. Sure. So what we got here is we got Cam lock. Cam lock. Our patente did technology, so world’s tightest receivers since US Arms receivers. So this this device here is a cam shaft that goes through the receiver and screw comes up through the, and locks up with a block that pulls on this pin, pulls everything together.

I’m Brian with the US Arms Company and we love Elftmann Triggers. We rely on them. We trust them. They’re drop safe and they’re one of the top triggers on the market and that’s why we chose Helping Trigger. Thanks.

Thanks. I appreciate doing business with you guys.

Thank you.

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