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Hey guys. Josh Kent with U.S. Arms Company here today to talk to you about the U.S. Arms Company camlock builder set. Now again, before we unbox, this is how it will show up to you when you purchase one from us for the camlock variant. There’s 10 different colors that you can get for the camlock series and four different colors in the standard.

So when you guys take a look at the website for prices and so forth, if you guys have any questions after this video, you can go to and then hit us up with any questions that you may have. So without further ado, and again, leave any comments that you wish about the video on the comments below.

So without further ado, we’re gonna unbox this thing. So the builder set, we’re gonna crack this open. You’re gonna see the instruction manual here for what all you’ll get, and assembly. You will get instructions for the mounting of your M-905 Talon muzzle brake.

Remove the top foam protective cover and we get into the meat and potatoes of it. All right, so we have here from right to left. We’ll start with the M-905 Talon muzzle brake. So, this break will be for your 5.56 variant and it will have the mounting screws. And right here at the base, a shim kit to square.

All right. It’ll come with a set of earplugs for that.

All right, moving on. We have our upper receiver that’s gonna come preassembled with dust cover already on it, you will get your oversized trigger guard that will go on the lower receiver with. And again, the cool thing about our trigger guard, it’s not roll pin mounted. It comes with four mounting screws that lock into place, and it’s a sturdy mount, more so than a roll pin, because a roll pin can kind of work its way loose.

The screws will remain tight for the life of the rifle. Moving on over to the camlock lower receiver here for this one. Now I’m gonna flip this. . And you see, instead of a roll pin, we use a threaded pin for our bolt catch. And as you take a look right here for this cam lock, it comes preassembled from our factory with the camlock and camlock block for the camlock lower move on to the hand guard.

It comes with barrel nut and mounting screws and locking plate right there. So when you unbox this, it comes with all of this right here for the builder set. Now the cool thing about our upper lower receiver, it’s all billet aluminum. We use the same aluminum across the board for our upper and lower receiver.

So it’s gonna be 70/75 aluminum for upper, lower. And again, you can use your barrel, whatever butt stock grip you want for this builder’s kit. And that’s one of the cool things that, you know, guys like different stuff. So if you want a different barrel or you’re like, hey, I like BART line or Bratton, whatever you wanna run, you can go out and buy that barrel, that bolt carrier group and kind of make it your own if we’re not offering what it is you guys want.

But again, this whole builder set right here is top of the line. It’s the same stuff we offer on a Gen two champion rifle. So our generation one is currently in stock, but the gen two is coming out here pretty soon. We have one similar to this right here that you could end up with once you’ve assembled this builder’s kit.

So this is a 16 inch gen two champion with a Swamp Fox one to. Elftmann trigger and Camlock. So upon assembly, your rifle would look something similar to this right here. Now, if you wanna learn more about Camlock, we have another video that shows you everything about Camlock, how it works even on assembly for that.

So the builder set, again, we’ll produce one of the best rifles on the market today. It will look similar to this right here.

If you have any questions or comments about the builder set, please hit us up in the comments below. And again, as always, thanks for tuning in. See you.

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