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All right guys. Josh, Ken here with U.S. Arms Company. I’m here to talk about the UTAW Pistol. All right, this here is our final variant of the pistol that we offer to the public. So again, we’re gonna talk about some of the modifications, some of the pros for the weapon system, again, it’s sporting a four 16 stainless match barrel, titanium gas block, melonite gas tube.

We’ve gone with the strike force flash hider, the four prong. We really like it. It has a unique sound to it when you shoot it, it’s, it’s pretty, pretty cool to shoot. Again, the titanium gas block for these are adjustable. We put that on there as a, as a must have for us because you contain the recoil of the weapon system or how much blowback you’re gonna deliver to the bolt carrier group.

Just to keep ’em from beating the weapon system to pieces right, because there’s just a lot of pressure on that return. We’ve listened to some of the feedback for the pistol and we’ve included an ambidextrous selector switch. So whether you’re lefthanded right-handed, you’ll have that selector switch there for you.

It sports a elfman match, trigger that is set at three and a half pounds. Steel backup sites from Magpul, Radian charging handle. The bolt carrier group for this is gonna be coated in nickel boron along with the barrel. So that the service life and wear for those are gonna be the same. And finally, here at the rear of the gun, we have the Maxim defense collapsible pistol brace.

And you know, for everything that we’ve put into this weapon system, it’s compact, it’s accurate. And it’s affordable for the the end user on the market, especially compared to some of the other pistols that are out there. We’re super proud of it. This pattern here is gonna be a tiger stripe of bronze and cobalt and and a SRA coat pattern and yeah, absolutely beautiful gun.

We love that you guys have been giving us the feedback on the new color schemes that are coming out. And again, as always, thank you for subscribing and liking our channel. For those of you who haven’t, please do so. And again, thanks for supporting us Arms Company. See you.

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