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Hey guys. Josh Kent with US Arms Company here at Shot Show 2023, having a great time and a lot of people here. But today, or right now we’re gonna talk about the UTAW Pro Generation two and the upgrades that come with it. Couple of the things that we’ve taken a look at in the pro to give the consumer a little bit better product that we can offer to them.

We’ve looked at the ambidextrous safety and an upgraded Elftmann Pro trigger. Now, before I start pointing these out, the ambi safety was more of a feedback from the gun community. Guys were saying, well, for this rifle, for this price an ambidextrous safety would be something that we would really be interested in you putting on that weapon system.

And so we, we listened to that and we’ve made that change. And that’s one of the upgrades with this pro model. Also on the back plate here, something that I didn’t mention earlier is we’ve replaced the standard backplate with a Magpul backplate that has a QD attachment. So instead of running in on the butt stock where if you’re going weak to strong side, you’re not choking yourself out with your sling. Alright? So now you have that option available to you that comes with the rifle. And lastly here, we take a look at the, the Elftmann match trigger. And that trigger is set in-house at about three and a half pounds clean brake.

Something that we give kudos to Elftmann on that is that the trigger breaks somewhere within a window of about three ounces. we did a series of triggers and on 10 breaks, high to low was about three ounces, which is very, very good. So for those of you looking for the UTAW Pro, from US Arms Company those are the upgrades for the generation two.

Again, the rifle will shoot somewhere around three quarters of a minute with match grade ammunition. And again, as always, we build it with pride for you, the consumer. Thanks again for tuning in. Hit a like button and subscribe. See you then.

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